Roanoke Project : Kitchen

The Roanoke Project! This is a project that will be done slowly over time. It is a remodel of a home but done piece by piece as the owners are currently living there. Here is the Kitchen remodel! It went from dark and brown to bright and white! Be sure to check out the "Collection of Work" page so you can see the interactive before and afters! Take a look below at our favorite images from this kitchen remodel!

Maverick Project

This was one of my favorite projects I have done. It was done while I was on bed rest with my son. I got the whole house designed and it was finished with construction just as I got out of the hospital after having my son. I saw it the day before I was put on bed rest for the initial walkthrough, and then a few days after being discharge from the hospital I saw the finished product. I could not be happier with how this house came together. It will forever be connected to such an emotional time for me, but it really was what kept me distracted while enduring a curve ball life threw at me. 

My favorite element in this house is of course the brick floors. We were going for a French country look, and I think brick floors does just that. I am obsessed, and if I could, I would put brick everywhere. 

Photos by Breann Bowman

Here We Go!

Starting this blog on my page is an exciting thing! I am going to try to do posts often, but everybody knows, updating on here can be hard. I always strive for trying my best, and this will be nothing short of that!

I want to start by introducing myself! I am Brittany Augustyniak, I have a husband, Andrew, who I have been married to for almost 4 years. We have two kids, Anderson (2) and Fitzgerald (1). I am a stay-at-home mom and enjoy the tough days just as much as the easy days (if there is such a thing as an easy day!). You can read more in the "About" page of the website on how I got to starting this company, but I want to express again just how excited I am about this. Being a stay-at-home mom is wonderful, but I don't always get time in a day to do things I enjoy, or I would like to do. I have started trying to juggle kids with running a company. It is stressful and honestly, I am negative on myself a lot of times. I feel like as humans it comes naturally to being negative on yourself. I have learned to combat negative thoughts with positive ones in their place. What I do know is how proud I am of this company thus far. I have just started, not really told any friends or family that I am starting this company, but when I put together a Layered Design Presentation, or complete a helpful document to send to a client, I have a sense of pride. I've really enjoyed it so far. People may say, "Why are you doing this when you have two young kids to take care of? You were busy before now you are going to be really busy!". Well, thats true, but I think the busyness that I will experience will be worth it. I have already seen that. I may be getting less sleep, and look a little tired, but the great news is I feel very proud to be letting my creativity speak. I have always been a creative person, and it is hard on me personally when I do not have a creative outlet. 

I have been blessed with a few clients right off the bat. I am super excited about all the projects I am working on. I cannot wait to see these designs come to life! I am also excited for more projects. Stay tuned as I continue to work with my current designs as well as make new ones for new projects! This is going to be an exciting journey that I am venturing on and I could not be more thrilled to have you along for the ride!