Custom Build

This service is a full service guidance through a custom building process. It gets you help from me from the beginning to the end. I will  accompany you to wherever is needed whether it be appointments with builders, draftsman, tile stores, walk throughs, etc.  It requires 30+ hours of my time.*


The remodel designer service will give you help selecting what to do in the areas you are remodeling. Then I will help you plan out what are the best selections for you and your space. I can accompany you to tile shops, walk throughs and even appointments with your contractors. It requires 15-30 hours of my time.*

Interior Decorator

Once the design part is finished, I can even help out with decorating your home! I would love to help you pick which couch looks good in your home and where! My husband taught me to find things the cheapest I can, but I don't like to forfeit the quality and style. I am able to find the perfect furniture for your space, but what will save you the most money! It requires 10+ hours of my time!*

*Please contact me via email for my prices for these services. Once I am informed about your project, (how many square feet and how big the project is), I can give you the estimate of my time and the charge for that time.